A values-led child care and kindergarten in Nundah

Our Philosophy

We believe

Every child is unique and precious.

We strive to

To provide a community of support to parents, and to assist them as they help their children develop as healthy, thoughtful, responsible and spiritual individuals.

We foster a sense of belonging, being and becoming in order to learn to participate effectively in society.

Our centre promises to provide

1. Secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships

We give priority to establishing trusting relationships between educators, children and their families.

We provide nurturing relationships and emotional support to the children, helping them to develop positive, strong and respectful interactions with peers.

2. Partnerships

We work to achieve equal partnerships with parents, communicating with them and supporting them in the nurturing of the youngest members of our society. We encourage parents’ input in our decision making processes. We work in partnership with children to enhance their learning experience. We communicate respectfully and freely with each other. We share insights and perspectives about each child. We value the input of parents and incorporate them in our daily activities. We build partnerships with our local community and incorporate their input into our learning experiences.

3. High expectations and equity

We recognise the value and the vulnerability of children taking seriously the responsibility we have as a society to ensure that children have many opportunities to develop healthy self – concepts, strong bodies and minds, positive relationships with others and to achieve a sense of independence.

We believe in all children’s capacities to succeed regardless of diverse circumstances and abilities.

4. Respect for diversity

We provide a children’s service where values of forgiveness, reconciliation, equity empowerment, diverse cultural backgrounds, gender equity and inclusion of children with special needs are the basis from which we work. We value the histories, cultures, languages, traditions, child rearing practices and lifestyle choices of families.

5. Ongoing learning and reflective practice

Our involvement in children’s services demonstrates that, as an organisation we are committed to the provision of high quality experiences for children. These experiences are the foundation on which children will begin their learning journey. We are committed to ongoing learning and evaluation that involves engaging with questions of philosophy, ethics and practice.

Learning outcomes

Children are encouraged to develop to their full potential; our centre will provide a safe and caring and supportive environment in which they can develop a strong sense of identity.

Our goal is for our children to have a strong sense of identity and wellbeing to assist them in becoming confident learners, and effective communicators connected to their world.

Our child development outcomes are to meet individual needs, and to foster all areas of development, social, physical, language, emotional and intellectual development.

Our developmental learning outcomes will be achieved through the implementation of our individual daily program and by providing a wide range of activities in order to meet individual developmental needs. We provide a secure environment that encourages children to become confident and involved learners.

By providing meaningful individual and group programs, the children are assisted to become effective communicators.

The following are some of the ways we meet our learning outcomes by providing:

  • Sufficient time to learn, and self-initiated play.
  • Support and encouragement to individual children.
  • Individual goals.
  • Enhancing children’s existing skills and knowledge, abilities and strengths by providing stimulating experiences.
  • A wide range of activities to challenge the individual to explore and problem solve.
  • Group interaction.
  • Programs based on individual children’s interests and needs.
  • Flexibility in our learning environment.
  • Multi-cultural activities that reflect the diversity in our wider Community.
  • Opportunities for families and wider community to have input into our program and the development and reviewing of our policies/practices.
  • Children’s choices into the program.
  • Sufficient and age appropriate resources are accessible to children.

We will endeavour to:

  • Incorporate our philosophy in our daily program.
  • Evaluate our learning objectives and outcomes.
  • Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of our program and implement the outcomes into future programs.
  • Have fun.

Our goals for your children

We will foster positive relationships will all children through daily interactions and various forms of communication, which builds positive self-esteem and concepts.

We will actively promote children’s rights through respecting positive aspects of each child’s culture, family values and abilities.

We will constantly strive for partnerships with all families, incorporating positive beliefs, values and cultures.

We structure the orientation process to meet the needs of the children and families, utilising this time to familiarise themselves with our policies, procedures and programming.

The lines of communication are constantly being developed through various mediums such as verbal, written and open days and nights.

Staff will work together in a positive (therefore productive) environment through respecting various opinions and using communication.

We will provide educational play based programs, which meet the needs of individual children and groups, valuing evaluations as an integral part of this process.

We are committed to providing a healthy and safe environment through remaining up-to-date with current information and practices; and supporting protective care throughout our whole curriculum.

Management will work in close partnership with parents providing information, which supports the care of their child and is relevant to their time at our centre.

We value the community resources and endeavour to incorporate these into the programs in ways, which enhance children’s learning and experiences.