A values-led child care and kindergarten in Nundah

The outdoor is our classroom

We celebrate outdoor play and learning

One of the best features of our child care centre is our large, sprawling outdoor space. Our educators take full advantage of this to provide our children enriched learning and play experiences… outside.

Toombul Early Childhood Centre Sign
Come in and see our amazing outdoor spaces.
Toombul Early Childhood Centre outdoor classroom

Outdoor teaching spaces

We recognise the benefits of learning outdoor. Fesh air, connecting to nature, providing a sense of space away from the four walls of a classroom. We recognise children don’t sit still for long periods of time and offer freedom to move, within an environment that offers natural sensory stimuli, away from technology and digital screens.

Organic environments

We’re different. We’re an old centre with mature, organic gardens. Some of the notable features of our outdoor area is the presence of leafy trees, real grass, and natural landscapes. All within the boundary of our centre. Our garden evolves a little further each year when the ideas of children are brought to fruition through new gardens, plants and play spaces.

Organic play spaces at Toombul Early Childhood Centre Nundah
Toombul child care play ground

Space to explore and discover

Our play grounds offer vast spaces to roam and discover. Giving our children the opportunity to direct their attention to any number of activities, whether it’s self-guided, group play, active play or just finding a corner of our garden to relax. The diversity of our play areas support the notion that every child is different.

Yarning circle

Story time is important process to help children develop their language, and find confidence to communicate and express themselves with social settings.

We use our natural setting of our bush kinder area to facilitate this. We also recognise the importance of this tradition within Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures. In actively participating in these traditions we are helping our children understand and learn about the original peoples that inhabited our land.

Yarning circle at kindergarten in Nundah
Our bush tucker garden

Bush tucker garden

Understanding where our food we eat comes from is important learning for children. Connecting children with nature and demonstrating food doesn’t just come from the supermarket.  We  actually take this one step further and celebrate the foods that are  grow natively in Australia. This helps build understanding of our local ecology and our indigenous  connections.

Promoting environmental sustainability

In recognition of the importance of our natural environment, we actively promote and educate our childre on sustainability practices such as;

  • Waste reduction
  • Composting
  • Use of compost in vegie garden

We do this both within our centre as well as engaging  externally with our families and the broader community.

Composting service for the Nundah community

At the heart of our work, is our community

We have been providing holistic care and education to the local community for over 25 years. Many of our children return to Toombul Early Childhood Centre with their children.

Families matter! As the most important teacher in your child’s life, we respect and honour your values, culture and input into your child’s experience with us. Our families enrich our centre through ideas and participation. We have an “open door” policy and encourage families to be as involved as they like.